Over the past week it has been brought to my attention that a number of posts written on this blog crossed lines and has been harmful to others. After reading over what I wrote after posting and put myself into the other people’s shoes I saw how what I wrote would embarrass and be hurtful. What I thought was and would be funny and entertaining crossed a serious line into cyberbullying, and I hurt people in doing it. I am sincerely sorry for making jokes at others expense. In what I had done, I see I’ve been a bully. For a short time in middle school, I was subject to bullying. I understand the pain I’ve put others through here, and I am truly sorry for that. I feel horrible for my actions, and lost a friend as a result. I was wrong in my writings and my actions, and I apologize for them. Because of that, I will no longer be writing on this blog. This is my last post because it is too easy to cross a line and hurt others with how quick it is to post something without thinking about how it can affect others.

Thank you all for the support through the years. Thank you to my readers, editors, friends, and family. You all have been great, and I’ll see you all around.


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