High School Newspaper Fun!

Folks, I haven’t mentioned on this blog about my journalism career at my school. I’ll keep this brief: I am the lead reporter and only reporter of the hit, non-award winning comedy column Jacked Up Comedy (JUC, for short). And, if you read this blog, you know I don’t make the cleanest of humor. So I brought my humor and cursing and all the other stuff down immensely so those who are in 6th grade could also read it. It was viable enough to get in the paper, as it was approved by both my creative writing teacher and the administration. Three weeks ago, it hit the presses, sold, and it was over with.

Or so I thought.

At the beginning of the school week, I was first aware of an awful reaction to my article, apparently conversations about it were taking over a bus a friend of mine rides. I still refuse to believe it because, hey, it’s a comedy article. This information continued to be given to me the day after, and I still refused to go crazy about it. It was all until two days ago that I realized the scope of this non-shit shit storm.

During journalism, as we started to discuss what need to be changed about the paper. My teacher first brought up that he and I need to read over a letter someone sent over my article. And that’s when someone in the class decided to bring up my article, asking why I would write an article that was pretty close to “social suicide,” and I explained myself and my satire and social commentary. After I explained myself, many more people wanted to say something, causing the non-shit shit storm to begin. For the whole period, almost everyone had their own opinion about my article. It was mostly favorable with constructive criticism and what they both liked and didn’t like. I have been told that people were split about the article. One person said it was an age divide, others thought it wasn’t. One person thought it was hostile, another thought it wasn’t. This continued into the next period, and then it was over for the day, with me leaving partially dead inside. And with a red face of embarrassment.

Yesterday, I read the aforementioned 2 and a quarter page letter complaining about my article. And I’ll be honest: I thought it was hilarious. There’s nothing better than reading a complaint about a comedy article. Especially if, like the article, it had hints of sarcasm and irony.

Do you understand that: There was sarcasm in the letter complaining about a comedy article with sarcastic comedy.

Not only was there sarcasm, but there were facts about NFL (which I poked fun at)the definition of sexism (which I poked fun at), and boy bands (which I poked fun at). I poked fun at twitter and how “no one cares about tweets about sports” and “no one cares about boy band tweets,” and the person brought up the amount of followers the NFL has and how “boy band accounts only care about the band and not the people in it” and other shit. I can’t say it wasn’t accurate.

However, I think the best part about it was the sentence that was along the lines of, and I swear this was written, “I believe that everyone can voice their opinions. Even if they are misinformed.”

-Here’s where JC laughs. HARD.-

This just brought the whole letter together because they brought up facts and information to prove the one thing that I already knew: That my opinions were wrong. They were politically incorrect. They were taken from the perspective of a misinformed, stereotypical teenage boy. That’s my comedy.

And yes, it is obvious they didn’t know that it wasn’t real, that it was satirical. But, hey, not everyone knows satire. Some people live in the world of bliss away from the satire comedy writers (AKA: The douchebags, assholes, and buttfaces) like me.

As of this moment, I have no idea how to respond. Other than as professional as I can be. No idea how that will happen, however.

More to come. Hopefully on this “developing story.”

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